As one of my favorite coffee shops in Austin, I decided to explore Bennu Coffee's identity and how it might be more successfully communicated. 

Bennu is an Egyptian deity associated with rebirth. Since many customers of Bennu go there to study or work, and of course get a caffeine boost, I wanted to incorporate the Egyptian narrative by finding inspiration in Egyptian culture and the highly advanced civilization of Alexandria. This historic city was home to the Library of Alexandria which served as a center for knowledge and also developed the first ever lighthouse called the "Pharos."

By pairing all of this history and inspiration together, I created the concept of Bennu being a beacon that could serve the needs of the customer whether it be a place to study, a place for inspiration, or a place to just hang out.

logo progression.png
Asset 1@2x.png

When exploring the idea of the lighthouse, I decided to start by creating a basic logo of the lighthouse and then create light rays using the angles of the Great Pyramids. Then, I paired these symbols with the title to create a variety of options for the shop to use.

Asset 3@2x.png

I chose Charcuterie Block for the title typeface for its textured and weathered qualities. I chose Futura for the body typeface to ensure legibility while also creating a contrast that gives Bennu a modern feel that appeals to younger customers as well as older ones.

color pallette.png

I chose gold as it is reminiscent of the sun and the riches of ancient Egypt. I opted to pair it with charcoal to help boost the contrast while still ensuring a weathered feel.


sample ad.png
Poster Transport.jpg

Above are some sample advertisements that showcase the style of photography and language that could be used for promoting Bennu's experience.


Canvas Tote Bag MockUp 1.jpg

Finally, ​I wanted to explore how this new identity might be used throughout the customer's visit while also creating opportunities to spread the word. Above are a few examples of how the Bennu identity could create a total designed experience.